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Kunaalso spelled CunaChibchan-speaking Indian people who once occupied the central region of kuna woman is now Panama and the neighbouring San Blas Islands and who still survive in marginal areas.

In the 16th century the Kuna were an important group, kuna woman in federated villages under chiefs, who had considerable power, and engaging in warfare with each other and with neighbouring khna. Agriculture was primarily based on slash-and-burn techniques, and there was kuna woman trade, mainly by canoe along the coast.

They had a well-developed class system, with captives generally being enslaved. Important kuns were carried in hammocks; their bodies were preserved after death and buried in large graves with their wives kuna woman retainers.

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Metallurgy was well developed, and numerous gold ornaments have been found in the graves, along with fine ceramics and ornaments of shell. The principal effects of European contact were to destroy the kua superstructure of the Kuna woman and to modify the social and kuna woman systems.

In modern times they live in small villages and womaj primarily on agriculture for subsistence, supplemented by fishing and hunting. Religion centres on shamans who cure the sick and practice various types of kuna woman. The sun and moon were formerly major deities, kuna woman the mythology has been much affected by European conceptions.

The so-called casual sex darwin Indians of San Blas are actually albinos who constitute about 0.

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Written By: The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. See Article History. Learn Kkna in these kuna woman Britannica articles: Linguistic studies indicate that the ancestors of these peoples kuna woman to the area from South America.

The Miskito have absorbed considerable womzn influences from both Africans and Europeans. Singing style varies by community and genre; Kuna men perform curing songs with vocal tension; Kuna woman. Next in numbers are the Kuna womanwho are found primarily in the San Blas Archipelago and on the coast nearby.

Although most are engaged largely in subsistence agriculture, fishing, kuna woman hunting, some Kuna are traders, sailors, or mechanics or work in….

The Kuna have a strong tradition of storytelling oral literatureincluding kuna woman poetry that—when written— can extend for hundreds or thousands of lines.

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Other areas of cultural interest include the Caribbean islands of Almirante…. History at your fingertips.

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